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Moment Radio is set up to make information available to the general public without cost to the recipient, we are poised to report every hot news as it happens according to daily occurrence to enable our listeners to make an informed decision for the betterment of their living standards according to rules governing life. Our strategies in educating our listeners are centred on three core principles in life; social, religious and economical which is a concern to all mankind. It is our strongest believe that everyone has something to contribute to the society as a whole; therefore we strongly believe that in addressing the issues facing our community in the growing technological age, availability of information is key in decision making processes therefore addressing the above will help improve the standard of our listeners. Moment Radio • • • YEN SOM!

Our Service

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Mini Cabs

Savings, 24/7 Availability,.

Airport Transfers

Hearthrow Airport, Gatwick  ..


House Removals, Office  etc


PA system and sound system rentals For professional...

Event Decoration

Concept Development, Events Management etc

Money Transfer

Send money to family, friends and relatives in Africa

Our Skills

Moment Radio has a higher respect in our field of work.



Mini Cabs / Airport Transfers / Hiring


Money Transfer


Event Decorating


Why People like us?

We deliver our services to you 24/7 a week, 365/6 days all year round

Wherever be your destination, Moment Radio will deliver your goods to you in and around UK.
Moment Radio is always ready to support you, consultation free discussion concerning your house removals, office removals, airport transfers, hiring, event decorating, money transfer etc or any other support you wantfrom us.
Monent Radio makes sure that we satisfy our clients so that they become happy.

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